Campaign and Constituent Management
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Candidates will spend countless hours campaigning to win this year, but getting “50-plus-1” on Election Day is nowhere near the end of the work.  Working within your wider business and marketing strategy, through our campaign management services we can support you right from the beginning of your campaign planning cycle to implementing your marketing campaign activity.


Transitioning into the role of an elected official and setting up a constituent service operation can be nearly as daunting as running for office.


Constituent services are critical for newly elected officials and one the biggest short fallings for many of those who won’t manage to get reelected this year.

Running an effective constituent service operation is always going to require time and hard work, but there are few simple things that can ensure your office runs efficiently, tasks don’t fall through the cracks, and constituents leave happy. Whether you’re newly elected or a long-time officeholder, we are here to help !


Strategic Marketing Consultation

In the late 2oth  century days of marketing, we talked about positioning statements, the “4 Ps,” marketing plans, branding, etc. Some pundits and bloggers might claim that these concepts and practices are obsolete and have been replaced with content marketing, social media, marketing automation, SEO, SEM, and so on. I suggest these so-called “old-style,” obsolete concepts, strategies, and tactics are more important than ever. 

Implementing content marketing tactics (or social media tactics, or any communication practice, for that matter) without first preparing a strategic marketing plan is like building a house with no blueprint. Adding rooms (marketing tactics) on a whim without an understanding of how each room supports the overall structure (business goals), the purpose of each room (objectives), and how you will decide if the room is successful (measurement) is a recipe for disaster at worst, and for sub-par performance even in the best-case scenario. 

Working with new writers to establish web, social media and other e-platform presence.  Click below to see one work example.

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